Hung Tang
Very Good food 👌😋👍😊😀 and nicely served:))
Decent authentic Cantonese food!
Ivan Tam
The food is fresh and delicious. Can't go wrong with the Dim Sum here!
Good food good service in southeast of Portland
Rick Lambert
Very friendly excellent service and delicious food a very highly recommended to anybody
Michelle Siu
Ordered some lunch and it's pretty good! Hard to find authentic Chinese food in Portland. Take advantage of their $8.99 specials right now! Top: Singaporean rice noodles Bottom: Half roast duck
Carrie, Quite Contrary
We had a substantial order and everything was off the hook delicious. Our General Tso chicken had large pieces of boneless white meat that was moist and fell apart in your mouth, it had a light crisp batter and was truly fantastic. The Walnut Shrimp is worthy of worship, perfectly prepared and not containing over cooked, rubbery shrimp. Nothing but praise and compliments for our meal. The delivery driver was great, he was very polite and respectful having to weave through Christmas decorations and lights just to get to the door without a complaint. A definite return trip is guaranteed and this is a perfect restaurant to recommend to others. Offering delivery with great food is the perfect combination, especially on New Years Eve.
Charlie Te
This is a new place that took over the old Wongs King restaurant. Coming here with a small group is benefical as you can try a wide range of dishes. We were fortunate enough to sit in a separate area to help with social distancing. We ordered the following: The House Special Roasted Chicken, Beef Ribeye Steak over Pan Fried Vermicelli noodles, German Style Pork Knuckle, and Sizzling Beef with black pepper sauce were my favorite. My friends really enjoyed the Fish maw soup, Salted Fish with eggplant and diced chicken in hot pot, fish filet with spicy sauce, sauteed pea leaves with salted egg and preserved egg, and seafood chow main. We also had some tasty desserts/dim sum: Chrysanthemum Jelly, Coffee layer cake, bany duck mango pudding, baby rabbit coconut milk pudding, purple sweet potato bun, and egg yolk paste bun.